PH.D dating delemma

I am not a person who write in to sites like this or even ask this type of question online, but, I figure, I don’t have to give my name and I am a little curious as to how your team answers the question I pose.

I am a  30 year old,single guy, who has spent the majority of my young adult life committed to my schooling.  I am, at least,I think, a good-looking guy, in shape and I am not a jerk.  I am Bi-Racial, my parents were an African-American male and Chinese female.

I have dated girls when I was in middle school and once or twice while I was in high school. My problem is, I am not sure what color woman I should be dating?  I feel attracted to many different types of women, but, I feel somewhat conflicted if I should be dating a black woman, or a…

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