Fact or Fiction

People often question the basics in life such as love, trust, friendship, etc. The most basic “facts” of life. We learn as children what love is and what a friend is, but as we grow up we let life complicate what we have always known. Over thinking and “reading between the in between the lines” in every situation and every problem tend to create something out of nothing. I am learning everyday that currently, that things in life ARE what they ARE. Point blank. No amount of analyzing will create change or a difference. Denial of ones true feelings over a situation will always change fact to fiction. Loss of trust can make a person want to believe in fiction and as much as we all want this break from reality, sometimes, acceptance is key. Self acceptable begins with discovering a comfortable knowledge of truth. Love can be messy and misleading but fact is, life is messy. #fact. Life without complications and easy solutions of problems we can always move on from…#fiction. Accept simple truths and son you will see that fact and fiction is just another page in the book of life.


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