Positively Negative Thinking

Is your glass half empty or have full? Are you a positive Percy or a negative Nancy? I’m more of a doubtful Doug if you ask me. If my cup is half full or half empty depends on what is in it. If it has wine in it, then its a very positive thing if its half  lol. Either way, i’m going to need more wine eventually…doubtful thinking is me wondering if I really need to fill my cup more then stressing about it. I am indecisive and it comes from being a Virgo and being a worry wart, or a worry beauty mark (sounds better). There are studies that show that being a positive thinker helps reduce stress and can promote a healthier lifestyle. Positive thinking can be hard when you are facing life’s most challenging vices and being told to cheer up makes you feel like smacking someone. “Easy for you to say, you’re not going through this”. Ways to cheer yourself up are easy you just have to want to feel better because of course, misery loves company.


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