Destination Wednesday: 5 Destinations For Before, During, And After The Holidays (Domestic Edition)

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Laguna 2There’s no place like home for the holidays, ‘cause no matter how far away you roam, sometimes you need a place that actually encourages you to pad downstairs in your jammies and drink orange juice straight out of the bottle. But there are also drawbacks to home, most notably the fact that it’s not somewhere else – since being home always leaves us dreaming of somewhere else, and being somewhere else always has us dreaming of home.

When we want to be somewhere else for the holidays, or just want to be dreaming about being somewhere else, here are some the places in the U.S. we dream about most often. (The international version of our dream destinations is coming Christmas Eve, just in time for Santa.) Note: These also make wonderful après-holidays vacations, too, and great gifts. Hint. Hint.

Vail 2Vail: Of all the western ski-resort towns, Vail is the one…

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