The Customer Is Always Wrong


Everyone has heard the unwritten law “the customer is always right”. It is a law in retail and a worldwide notion that we, as a people, are always right when we want our way in any retail setting. I work in retail and have for many years and this notion is flat-out bullshit.

15 years approximately I have worked in various customer service, hospitality, and retail positions. I’ve been barked at, dismissed with a hand gesture, cursed at, etc. I have been blamed for store prices, inventory numbers, and shipping costs. Hello people, we hourly workers are not in control of this shit! We merely work there and pass the info onto you. I can’t help it if you waited the last-minute to shop before the holidays or that you want an item that is in high demand and we do not have it.

The price is wrong Ma’am. Yes, I said it. Sometimes the item is in the wrong place and it is sometimes marked on sale despite the sale ending a day or two ago. You are not automatically right because you are in a store buying things, this doesn’t change the fact that you did not read the sale sign correctly. Also, you being the customer does not give you the right to treat employees anyway you want. You can not disrespect anyone for the sole purpose of “the customer is always right.” It is wrong to do so and you will get the crappy customer service you deserve. Be polite, show gratitude, and realize you are just another person just like us retail employees and I promise you will have a much better shopping experience.






























One Year In Charleston, SC

Growing up I always wanted to live by the ocean. I dreamed of living by the beach, swimming in the salt water, and the availability of sunshine and sunbathing anytime I wanted. Last year I took the plunge and gave up my Michigan home and the snow and moved down south. My S/O had lived in Charleston previously and l heard many stories about how “great” it was and how he had thrived as a musician there. I moved with him, his best friend, and my 6 (now 7) year old daughter. I had never even been to South Carolina before! I packed what I could in my ’06 Ford Explorer and hit the road. I already had a job in retail set up with hopes to transition to something in tourism eventually.  I was ready for a change and a new sense of adventure overcame me as I started the 16 hr drive to my new life by the ocean.

My first day in Charleston I was so hot I thought I was going to melt! It was 98 degrees and 100% humidity and I was miserable. I knew it would be hot but I was not used to such a high heat index. My S/O, roommate, and I made some calls and found a place to took 21 hrs to drive there from Michigan. Our place is small, two bedrooms two baths, and just outside of Charleston because living by the beach is incredibly costly and I certainly did not prepare or research enough before moving. The sales tax is 8.5% (6% in Michigan) and it still throws me off when making purchases. My job is about 35-45 minutes from home as traffic in Charleston is horrific and unpredictable. If I leave an hour ahead of time I can make it on time but at times it has taken me up to an hour and a half. The people here cannot drive and the speed limit is 60-65 mph on the highways. The roads are so narrow in Downtown Charleston that you have to drive very slow to not die or not to hit the wandering tourists. I used to be slightly freaked out by bridges but after breaking down on the Don Holt Bridge during rush hour traffic, I have been cured me of that! I have learned to use my days off to my advantage and am driving a more fuel-efficient car since moving here last year. Who needs 4 wheel drive in a place that only got down to 20 once during the “wintertime”? Wintertime…basically Fall as I know it. I have learned there are two seasons, Fall and Summertime and air conditioning in your car is a must.

My daughter adjusted fairly well and made new friends quickly at her new school. Thanks to modern technology, video chatting and facebook has made it easy to keep in touch with friends and family from back home. I have  Very cool thing about living in Charleston is you will meet the most interesting people as they come from all over the country. From retired New York taxi drivers to California Surfers, to townie hippies and even fellow Ohio and Michigan retirees. I’ve met a lot of tourists and sight-seers who are confused by my reference to “pop” and I have to remember to say “soda” instead. I have made new friends mostly through work who are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. I am into the live music scene (my S/O and roommate are musicians,an acoustic duo named Redolence) and I have loved the mix of styles and the local talent here is amazing.

So, It has been one year since I moved to Charleston, SC from Michigan. I had a lot to learn about traffic in a high touristy area, how to settle a child into a new school and neighborhood,” southern hospitality” and lingo, tourism, and a rich historical background. It is truly awe-inspiring to go to Market Street, Downtown Charleston and feel the history this old city has. The Museums and churches that are everywhere and the old cobblestone roads with the gorgeous old architecture makes you feel like you can actually envision stories you read in history class. The perks of living by Folly Beach and Isle of Palms are amazing and the two beaches I prefer to go to. Collecting seashells and starfish, sunbathing and swimming in the ocean makes you feel like you are on vacation yet you only have to drive a half an hour to get back home. While traffic may not be the best, the beauty and marvel of Charleston, SC is worth the drive and wait in traffic to get to where you are going. There is always something to do and the list of local events are endless. I think it is safe to say…I like it here.

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Pregnancy Part 2

All to often we think, “Oh how nice it would be to have another baby” or “What a cute baby, I want one!” Do we really want another one? No! This is crazy talk, especially when you have a slightly older child, like 6 years old. I’ve been done with diapers for enough years that I don’t think I want to see more poop. I sleep through the night and even sometimes, I get to sleep past 8 am. Do I want another baby? Yes. Do I REALLY want another baby? Hell No. Am I pregnant with baby number 2? Yes and I am so excited!!!!

That made absolutely no sense did it? This is because logic and pregnancy emotions do not mix well and my brain is seriously confused. Sigh, pregnancy this time around is different as I know what to expect. Little aches and pains are no big deal, I know what the baby is doing and feels like. This time, I feel like a champ because I know how to shave my legs and paint my toenails…I know the tricks of the trade (rubber band around the belt loop trick to fit into normal pants) always buy maternity clothes on clearance, or just buy yoga pants and long tee shirts. Basically I know what i am doing and what to buy for the baby and what I don’t need for the baby. Diaper pails are useless and regular trash cans work the same, size 1 diapers don not last long, and I’ll sleep when the baby sleeps etc etc…This time I’m going to have fun with the announcements and gender reveals as well as I am 19 weeks and find out in 5 days.

So, I guess baby fever strikes when you least expect it, sometimes 6 years after you say “1 and done”. I am excited and cannot wait for my daughter to have a younger sibling, as she is old enough to help with small things around the house whereas a toddler cannot. I suppose this time will be an adventure like the last time so bring on it on baby number 2!

Popular Destinations in South Carolina

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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

1. Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is the heart of South Carolina, its known for popular areas such as Ocean Boulevard and the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. Myrtle Beach is a known spring break vacation spot that also draws the attention of many families throughout the united states. Medieval Times is a popular theme for Myrtle Beach tourist allowing visitors to visit historic regions of medieval Spain right in Southern Carolina.


Charleston, South Carolina

2. Charleston

Charleston is a very historic area of South Carolina filled with southern hospitality. This historical city feels like traveling back in time with its authentic architecture and antique buildings surrounded by plantation like landscapes. Some significant areas to visit within Charleston would be Waterfront Park and Middleton Place. Charleston is known for its spooky ghost tour that takes place at night introducing visitors to a hidden part of…

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The Act Of Failing To Remember Who You Are

Everyone  has a midlife crisis and some people have them daily. I think that everyone second guesses themselves even the most confident and self-assured of people. I know I have my days where I feel so lost. What do I really want to do as a career? Am I going in the right direction in life? Am I good enough parent? Do my shoes even match my outfit today?  LOL. Are my friends really loyal to me and am I as loyal as I should be to them? I know deep down I just have to remember who I really am and by doing that I’m realizing my strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what those are, I can better my knowledge of  thy self  and then become a better person. This will ultimately lead to confidence and love for myself. I know I struggle to decide who I am, not everyday but certainly enough, do you?

Fact or Fiction

People often question the basics in life such as love, trust, friendship, etc. The most basic “facts” of life. We learn as children what love is and what a friend is, but as we grow up we let life complicate what we have always known. Over thinking and “reading between the in between the lines” in every situation and every problem tend to create something out of nothing. I am learning everyday that currently, that things in life ARE what they ARE. Point blank. No amount of analyzing will create change or a difference. Denial of ones true feelings over a situation will always change fact to fiction. Loss of trust can make a person want to believe in fiction and as much as we all want this break from reality, sometimes, acceptance is key. Self acceptable begins with discovering a comfortable knowledge of truth. Love can be messy and misleading but fact is, life is messy. #fact. Life without complications and easy solutions of problems we can always move on from…#fiction. Accept simple truths and son you will see that fact and fiction is just another page in the book of life.

9 Ways To Make Your Own Funeral Fun

Army Of Awesome People

Funerals are generally thought of as glum and solemn affairs, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Here are some things you can try to make your own funeral fun with a little planning. (Disclaimer: DO NOT attempt to make someone else’s funeral fun without prior consent, as some people’s ghosts have no sense of humor.)
1) Put a “Please Do Not disturb sign” on the side of the coffin.Rental-1
2) Place nearby a glass box with a wooden stake in it, with sign “Break Glass In Case Of Emergency”
3) Attach a Romney/Ryan 2012 bumper sticker to the coffin.
4) Send out an automated e-mail to all invited guests with an apology that you will not be able to attend due to a scheduling conflict.
5) Wear pajamas in the coffin. I mean, this is clearly not the best of all possible occasions, so why not save…

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To Pee Or Not To Pee That Is The Question

Have you ever been in line at the grocery store and had to use the restroom really BAD? I’m sure everyone has at least once or twice and the line was long and the person in front of you of course has decided to buy out the whole store. As you peek over their shoulder you notice that the restroom is not far away…hmmm what to do, stay in line and hold it hoping you can make it so you don’t have to get back in line or rush to the restroom and hope no one gets in line while you’re away.

In life we find ourselves making small choices all the time that seem insignificant but have a large impact on our lives causing us stress, worry, and anxiety. Staying in line will hurt your bladder and could cause an embarrassing mad dash to the restroom.  Leaving the line will ensure your comfort but will likely leave you back at the end of the line taking even longer to get through the grocery line. You may be late for your next errand or stuck in traffic, etc. Instead of stressing out about the possibilities, just do in life what makes the most sense, the outcome will be the same either way, why stress the small stuff as some people say, it is all small stuff. Our first mind is generally our best mind why put so much effort into a minor inconvenience making a problem out of nothing. Over thinking is a killer of happiness, relaxation, and possibly causes long term bladder issues. lol. My best advice is, use the bathroom before you leave 🙂


Red, white, Black and Blue

So glad the election madness is over! I will not reveal who I voted for as it is not important. I really feel as tho It brought out the worst in alot of Americans. Instead of united I feel as though we became a nation of generalizations and stereotypes. More single women voted this year…Good job!  Our ancestors fought hard in our past to create equal rights for women and we are taking advantage of it!  I’m not a feminist by any means but proud just the same. As Latinos also made of of a large percentage of voters as well, we are reminded of the role they play in our society and how it is not to be dismissed. I was sadly disappointed in the amount of racism our youth portrayed, reading Facebook and twitter posts, I was appalled. Kids who are raised in our generation of equal rights and interracial relationships should not have been so quick to turn on each other. Racism is quite obviously prevalent in our communities and is something we need to work on. Everyone makes a difference!

You Get What You Deserve

So many people feel that they DESERVE to be married and DESERVE to have kids and  DESERVE a good life. These people mostly feel this way because they feel a sense of false entitlement. Brought on by age, status, parents, etc. If you ask one of these people why they feel they deserve these things it’s usually a pretty stupid reason. “I’ve always wanted to” “I’ve been there for through everything”…Point is, the reason is almost always entirely selfish, not always but most of the time. People get what they deserve they are truly ready for it or at least have the mentality to be ready.

In life, clearly people get back what they put out into the world. If you know that you do alot of lying, sneaking around, and cheating; chances are people do it back to you. “Be Nice” is a early childhood lesson that is sometimes pushed aside but needs to be practiced on a regular. Do unto to others as you would have them do unto you is the golden rule that is STILL relevant. When you are a generally good person, you become blessed in alot of ways and it just apply to religious people, it applies to everyone. This is just how life works so if you notice things are not working out for you, consider a different approach on life.

SO, moral of the story is….To get what you truly deserve, be the best possible you first, then when you are unselfishly deserving, ask life to give you what you need, not want, and you shall become blessed