The Breakup

I have realized it is time to breakup with my best friend, Coffee or at least take some time off. This is going to be tough but it is time for me to get more Sleep. I need it and miss it. Here are my letters to my two closest friends.





Dear Sleep,

Hello? How have you been? I am doing ok, I know we have been very distant lately but things would be much better if you were here. I miss you terribly and would love for you to come visit, preferably between the hours of 10pm-10am. I sincerely believe we could be close again although I understand my 3 month old and 7 year old get in the way of our relationship but in time, I think you could be their friend too. You just have to give it a chance, they really quite likable. Another thing, just because I like Coffee does not mean that I like you any less. I feel like we could all get along if we try. Ok, well Sleep, please visit me more often, I really need you to get me through the day, well think it over and please consider giving me another chance.





Dear Coffee,

Hello my friend, how are you? I’m doing ok. Look, I am just going to say this bluntly. We need to spend some time apart. Its not you, its me. I appreciate all that you have done for me and I don’t know how I could have gotten through the last couple months without you. You lifted me up when I was tired and when I thought I could not last another minute you woke me up. Now the baby is starting to snooze at night more and now it is time for me to get back together with Sleep. We can have a healthy balance right? Do not worry, I still need you, just not as often as before.  Don’t be mad at Sleep, its just that…I need it more then you. You understand right? Ok, well I’ll drink you when I drink you, Peace.




Wish me luck everyone!


Pregnancy Part 2

All to often we think, “Oh how nice it would be to have another baby” or “What a cute baby, I want one!” Do we really want another one? No! This is crazy talk, especially when you have a slightly older child, like 6 years old. I’ve been done with diapers for enough years that I don’t think I want to see more poop. I sleep through the night and even sometimes, I get to sleep past 8 am. Do I want another baby? Yes. Do I REALLY want another baby? Hell No. Am I pregnant with baby number 2? Yes and I am so excited!!!!

That made absolutely no sense did it? This is because logic and pregnancy emotions do not mix well and my brain is seriously confused. Sigh, pregnancy this time around is different as I know what to expect. Little aches and pains are no big deal, I know what the baby is doing and feels like. This time, I feel like a champ because I know how to shave my legs and paint my toenails…I know the tricks of the trade (rubber band around the belt loop trick to fit into normal pants) always buy maternity clothes on clearance, or just buy yoga pants and long tee shirts. Basically I know what i am doing and what to buy for the baby and what I don’t need for the baby. Diaper pails are useless and regular trash cans work the same, size 1 diapers don not last long, and I’ll sleep when the baby sleeps etc etc…This time I’m going to have fun with the announcements and gender reveals as well as I am 19 weeks and find out in 5 days.

So, I guess baby fever strikes when you least expect it, sometimes 6 years after you say “1 and done”. I am excited and cannot wait for my daughter to have a younger sibling, as she is old enough to help with small things around the house whereas a toddler cannot. I suppose this time will be an adventure like the last time so bring on it on baby number 2!

The First Day of Forever

Today was my only child’s first day of 4 yr old preschool. As I kissed her goodbye and told her to “Have a great day!” I couldn’t help but tear up. My four year old daughter simply said “You don’t have to hold my hand mom, ok.” That’s when it hit me…she is not a baby anymore! I watched her run off with the other curious children not glancing back at me once. I turned around and walked away wondering, what if she doesn’t listen? what if she gets into trouble? What if I didn’t do a good enough job teaching her and she isn’t ready? Being a single mom, I wonder if I can do everything I m supposed to as parent and I learned today, all I can do is hope for the best as she becomes more and more independent. My daughter is a bright kid that is well behaved and I just have to trust that she and I can do this mother-daughter thing successfully. Today is the start of a new life for my daughter as she is a “Big Girl” –A Proud Mom


Please Say Please, Thank You

       Once Upon a Time…there was common courtesy and manner and politeness, and etiquette. I was raised that you say “Please” “Thank You” and “Excuse Me”. I was raised that when your elders come to the car, you move to the backseat. Also, I remember getting into trouble for chewing with my mouth open and placing my elbows on the table.  I can say I know the proper way to set a dinner table and when I go out to eat, I place my napkin on my lap. It seems that nowadays, people are more lax then ever in teaching their children manners and basic etiquette. How can we forget to teach our children such a value lesson? We all know how frustrating it can be when others are rude to us or even worse, embarrass us in public. It makes all the difference in in the world when we treat others with courtesy and kindness. I can say that I do know parents that are strict on teaching these important lessons…such as myself 😉 My daughter at four years old, quickly smiles at me when she remembers to be polite and even corrects her friends at daycare. I’m proud to have instilled such a significant quality in her. So PLEASE, use your manners and instill common courtesy in your children, friends, and families.THANK YOU 🙂