Please Say Please, Thank You

       Once Upon a Time…there was common courtesy and manner and politeness, and etiquette. I was raised that you say “Please” “Thank You” and “Excuse Me”. I was raised that when your elders come to the car, you move to the backseat. Also, I remember getting into trouble for chewing with my mouth open and placing my elbows on the table.  I can say I know the proper way to set a dinner table and when I go out to eat, I place my napkin on my lap. It seems that nowadays, people are more lax then ever in teaching their children manners and basic etiquette. How can we forget to teach our children such a value lesson? We all know how frustrating it can be when others are rude to us or even worse, embarrass us in public. It makes all the difference in in the world when we treat others with courtesy and kindness. I can say that I do know parents that are strict on teaching these important lessons…such as myself 😉 My daughter at four years old, quickly smiles at me when she remembers to be polite and even corrects her friends at daycare. I’m proud to have instilled such a significant quality in her. So PLEASE, use your manners and instill common courtesy in your children, friends, and families.THANK YOU 🙂