Why Valentines Day Sucks

February 14 is a crappy bullshit holiday. Why am I so bitter you ask? I am not actually, I just feel everyday you should treat your man/woman like gold not just one day out if the year. Alot of people place the value of their relationship on a single day instead of valuing every moment with them. Yes, I am single but you won’t see me crying about being alone, I enjoy being single. Unfortunately, most of my single friends don’t feel the same and I’ll be on the phone with teary eyed ladies and even gents who want to know why they must suffer a reminder that they haven’t found “the one” yet. Valentines day hurts more people I think, then helps. In the past I’ve had my share of roses, fine dining, chocolates, and teddy bears and that was all great but all material as well. I can’t say I miss spending money trying to impress that special someone either. Well I hope the truly in love enjoy the day, for the rest of us…remember, it is just another Thursday ; )



Love and Flower Gardens

Love is a lot like a flower garden. Both of which require time, patience, dedication, and perseverance.

A flower garden begins with healthy soil rich with nutrients ready for growing. Next, seeds are planted and now begins the steady growing and blossoming process. This process cannot begin in unhealthy soil as it will quickly wither. Love is much like this as you must be ready and complete before attempting to start a relationship otherwise it withers right away. Loving yourself first and foremost is essential as no one can complete you, only add/compliment your existing brilliance. Once the seed has been planted, natural chemistry takes and growth begins. One of the most beautiful feelings is falling in love I think most people would agree. 

    After the garden begins to sprout and flowers begin to blossom, it requires constant TLC. Fall behind and the stems and petals begin to fall apart. If you give up or become neglectful, weeds grow and the flowers become subjected to the elements. It takes time and dedication for your relationship as well and love grows over time from a single flower to an abundance of color and beauty. If you neglect your partners’ needs, wants, and desires, and it too will wither. Moral of the story is… Love is like a garden, with time and dedication your end result will beautiful!