The Easy Life

In life, we all go through trials and tribulations, tough situations with painful emotions and life changing circumstances. No one is exempt not even the seemingly perfect people in our lives. Love and grief are the emotions in life that probably affect our inner peace and happiness the most. We make our lives complicated by the choices we make everyday but life itself is easy. Little mistakes can be life-altering as well as fate sealing.
How to live life freely:
1). Remember all things in life are fixable, there’s a solution to every problem
2). Loneliness is only a state of mind…find comfort within yourself
3). Love is true when your heart is true, it knows your brain better then you do but your brain knows your heart better then you do as well

Finding happiness is about finding yourself and surrounding yourself with people who are genuine and love you for you despite your worst flaws. You can choose to be complicated and choose your own sense of completion. See, life is as easy as you make it, just CHOOSE it.



To Pee Or Not To Pee That Is The Question

Have you ever been in line at the grocery store and had to use the restroom really BAD? I’m sure everyone has at least once or twice and the line was long and the person in front of you of course has decided to buy out the whole store. As you peek over their shoulder you notice that the restroom is not far away…hmmm what to do, stay in line and hold it hoping you can make it so you don’t have to get back in line or rush to the restroom and hope no one gets in line while you’re away.

In life we find ourselves making small choices all the time that seem insignificant but have a large impact on our lives causing us stress, worry, and anxiety. Staying in line will hurt your bladder and could cause an embarrassing mad dash to the restroom.  Leaving the line will ensure your comfort but will likely leave you back at the end of the line taking even longer to get through the grocery line. You may be late for your next errand or stuck in traffic, etc. Instead of stressing out about the possibilities, just do in life what makes the most sense, the outcome will be the same either way, why stress the small stuff as some people say, it is all small stuff. Our first mind is generally our best mind why put so much effort into a minor inconvenience making a problem out of nothing. Over thinking is a killer of happiness, relaxation, and possibly causes long term bladder issues. lol. My best advice is, use the bathroom before you leave 🙂