You Get What You Deserve

So many people feel that they DESERVE to be married and DESERVE to have kids and  DESERVE a good life. These people mostly feel this way because they feel a sense of false entitlement. Brought on by age, status, parents, etc. If you ask one of these people why they feel they deserve these things it’s usually a pretty stupid reason. “I’ve always wanted to” “I’ve been there for through everything”…Point is, the reason is almost always entirely selfish, not always but most of the time. People get what they deserve they are truly ready for it or at least have the mentality to be ready.

In life, clearly people get back what they put out into the world. If you know that you do alot of lying, sneaking around, and cheating; chances are people do it back to you. “Be Nice” is a early childhood lesson that is sometimes pushed aside but needs to be practiced on a regular. Do unto to others as you would have them do unto you is the golden rule that is STILL relevant. When you are a generally good person, you become blessed in alot of ways and it just apply to religious people, it applies to everyone. This is just how life works so if you notice things are not working out for you, consider a different approach on life.

SO, moral of the story is….To get what you truly deserve, be the best possible you first, then when you are unselfishly deserving, ask life to give you what you need, not want, and you shall become blessed