Autumn Leaves & Pumpkin Seeds

To begin the year in Michigan, one must sport a winter coat, gloves, hat, and snow boots. As many put it, the weather simply sucks.  It is dreary, cold, and gray.  Snowball fights and building snowmen are simple joys even us adults can succumb to.  Shoveling snow and sidewalks is no one’s chore of choice but is great exercise 😉 As the winter fades, it slowly warms the hearts of many with warm breezes and sweetly scented spring flowers. The spring is lovely in Michigan and a welcome beginning to a new year.  When I think of spring I immediately think of gardening, shopping for summer clothes, and car washes. The summer is next, and boy it is beautiful! The northern beaches and hot summer romances are just some of the highlights, of course we all perk up at the sound of an ice cream truck (this never gets old).  Summertime is great as throughout the state there are festivals of all kinds. Wheatland music festival, the Cherry festival, Maple Syrup festival, the Irish festival, and one of my personal favorites: Hash Bash (lol). Out of all of the seasons, nothing compares to Autumn/Fall/Pumpkin season. The crisp winds blowing throughout the trees brings comfort from the heat and humidity at last.  Swirls of yellow, orange, and red as the leaves change dropping from the trees. Another fun activity called “raking the leaves” to provide us Michiganders with something to do. With Indian summers starting in September, next comes Halloween, a spirited (no pun intended) holiday that is filled with laughter, excitement, and imagination.  Pumpkin season is here and this gives us the enough to pumpkin to make as much pumpkin pie, roasted pumpkin seeds, and pumpkin spice lattes as our little hearts can bear.  A great season and one might say…the BEST season.