The Customer Is Always Wrong


Everyone has heard the unwritten law “the customer is always right”. It is a law in retail and a worldwide notion that we, as a people, are always right when we want our way in any retail setting. I work in retail and have for many years and this notion is flat-out bullshit.

15 years approximately I have worked in various customer service, hospitality, and retail positions. I’ve been barked at, dismissed with a hand gesture, cursed at, etc. I have been blamed for store prices, inventory numbers, and shipping costs. Hello people, we hourly workers are not in control of this shit! We merely work there and pass the info onto you. I can’t help it if you waited the last-minute to shop before the holidays or that you want an item that is in high demand and we do not have it.

The price is wrong Ma’am. Yes, I said it. Sometimes the item is in the wrong place and it is sometimes marked on sale despite the sale ending a day or two ago. You are not automatically right because you are in a store buying things, this doesn’t change the fact that you did not read the sale sign correctly. Also, you being the customer does not give you the right to treat employees anyway you want. You can not disrespect anyone for the sole purpose of “the customer is always right.” It is wrong to do so and you will get the crappy customer service you deserve. Be polite, show gratitude, and realize you are just another person just like us retail employees and I promise you will have a much better shopping experience.






























In Denial

Everyone knows someone who is dating a person nobody likes. Everyone tells them they are no good and usually have legitimate reasons or proof even for this and the person still continues to date the person. The reason behind this is simple, they are in denial. The definition of denial is the disbelief in the reality of a person, place, or thing. The denier makes an unconscious decision that their feelings about whatever it is that they are denial over, is more threatening then just dealing with the issue. One major form of denial is minimizing, we all do it about, mostly about People do this with personal problems such as drug/alcohol problems or health problems. This is the leading cause of many things that are not going right with a person and directly effects personal goals of happiness. Everyone has something they are avoiding that is weighing on them that they just don’t want to deal with. Denial over the a persons’ true colors, a problem at work, relationship problems, and etc. Denial is like a brick wall, you know there is something on the other side but are unable to see it until you want to. Like a brick wall, denial is a hard wall that must be chipped away at to break through. People have a tough time with denial as it is a change that must be made within ourselves and it is scary to me because it is too close to craziness. To object to something so strongly that you are no longer dealing with reality…So take some time to really think over your problems so that you can find a solution. It may be unpleasant to deal with your problems head on but in the long run it will provide you with a healthier mindset and provide you with better problem solving skills for a happier future..