The Customer Is Always Wrong


Everyone has heard the unwritten law “the customer is always right”. It is a law in retail and a worldwide notion that we, as a people, are always right when we want our way in any retail setting. I work in retail and have for many years and this notion is flat-out bullshit.

15 years approximately I have worked in various customer service, hospitality, and retail positions. I’ve been barked at, dismissed with a hand gesture, cursed at, etc. I have been blamed for store prices, inventory numbers, and shipping costs. Hello people, we hourly workers are not in control of this shit! We merely work there and pass the info onto you. I can’t help it if you waited the last-minute to shop before the holidays or that you want an item that is in high demand and we do not have it.

The price is wrong Ma’am. Yes, I said it. Sometimes the item is in the wrong place and it is sometimes marked on sale despite the sale ending a day or two ago. You are not automatically right because you are in a store buying things, this doesn’t change the fact that you did not read the sale sign correctly. Also, you being the customer does not give you the right to treat employees anyway you want. You can not disrespect anyone for the sole purpose of “the customer is always right.” It is wrong to do so and you will get the crappy customer service you deserve. Be polite, show gratitude, and realize you are just another person just like us retail employees and I promise you will have a much better shopping experience.






























All Is Fair in Love and Cheesecake

They say all is fair in love and war but what is REALLY unfair is cheesecake. How can something much like love, be so good yet have such negative long term effects? By this I mean, it is great while your eating it right? Tasty deliciousness with every bite and swallow. So you take another bite and enjoy it like an orgasm in your mouth. Love is great while you are in love, happy giddiness and butterflys. Smiling like an idiot all day and it’s great feeling.

Problem is…Cheesecake is filled with calories and calories become pounds so on and so on. How can something taste so good but be so bad for you? It is simply unfair that it can make you gain weight and effect your overall appearance.  How can love create such happiness and such heartbreak when it is over or reaches a rough patch? The answer is simple, there needs to be balance in life. To much of anything is not good for you. Moderation is key and this applies to love as well because with cheesecake, you must be informed of the possible “consequences” before taking the plunge . As great as these wonderful things in life are, sometimes things just aren’t “fair”.