Red, white, Black and Blue

So glad the election madness is over! I will not reveal who I voted for as it is not important. I really feel as tho It brought out the worst in alot of Americans. Instead of united I feel as though we became a nation of generalizations and stereotypes. More single women voted this year…Good job!  Our ancestors fought hard in our past to create equal rights for women and we are taking advantage of it!  I’m not a feminist by any means but proud just the same. As Latinos also made of of a large percentage of voters as well, we are reminded of the role they play in our society and how it is not to be dismissed. I was sadly disappointed in the amount of racism our youth portrayed, reading Facebook and twitter posts, I was appalled. Kids who are raised in our generation of equal rights and interracial relationships should not have been so quick to turn on each other. Racism is quite obviously prevalent in our communities and is something we need to work on. Everyone makes a difference!


The First Day of Forever

Today was my only child’s first day of 4 yr old preschool. As I kissed her goodbye and told her to “Have a great day!” I couldn’t help but tear up. My four year old daughter simply said “You don’t have to hold my hand mom, ok.” That’s when it hit me…she is not a baby anymore! I watched her run off with the other curious children not glancing back at me once. I turned around and walked away wondering, what if she doesn’t listen? what if she gets into trouble? What if I didn’t do a good enough job teaching her and she isn’t ready? Being a single mom, I wonder if I can do everything I m supposed to as parent and I learned today, all I can do is hope for the best as she becomes more and more independent. My daughter is a bright kid that is well behaved and I just have to trust that she and I can do this mother-daughter thing successfully. Today is the start of a new life for my daughter as she is a “Big Girl” –A Proud Mom